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Social Media 18 years ago

 What would it take?

What would it take for America our Imperfect Nation to regain the honour and dignity that we had prior to Social Media and still maintain the economic stronghold that has evolved because of its introduction.  I just wonder if the developers over at these mass social media sites could create an algorithm that could restore the sanctity of our American Lifestyles to what it was prior to their introduction.  Don't get me wrong I think the social aspects are invaluable but the ability to maintain independence from each other and be self dignified have long been forgotten.

The Family Ice Tea Recipe

 Southern Sweet Ice Tea (Virginia Secret Recipe)

Well everyone I guess being southern raised I am kinda picky about my sweet ice tea.  I generally drink a gallon a day so I am kinda a savant when it comes to my sweet tea.  Well here is the recipe I use.  First you need a 12 cup coffee pot and 3 ice trays. This is as simple as it gets without spoiling the flavor of the tea.  You need to purchase Lipton Gallon Size Ice Tea Bags from your local walmart or major grocery store in your surroundings.  They make a variety that is southern style and it is presweetened.   While you are there get a plastic and mesh screen filter for your coffee pot.  They sell these at most major grocery stores right next to the tissue coffee filters.  Well this is pretty easy from here and can be repeated an unlimited amount of times.  Simply place the plastic filter in the 12 cup coffee pot.  Fill the reservoir with water and drop the 1 gallon tea bag into the filter.  Turn the pot on and wait for it to brew.  While you are waiting take your 1 gallon pitcher and place the 3 trays worth of ice into the pitcher.  This is about a 1/3 of the pitcher. Then when the tea has brewed, pour it over the ice..  Stir while filling the pitcher to the top.  Voila your Ice Cold Sweet Tea is born.

So It Is October Already

October In Virginia

So another year of Fall in Virginia.  Already the leaves are chnging at a rapid pace and the weather is starting to get cold.  The actual cause of the leaves changing is the cooling of the sap.  As the water or sap as we know it starts to slow down traveling from the roots because of the cold ground beneath.  The trees go into a resting period having gained all the nutrients needed during the continuous flow of warm weather.  Without the return of sap to the branches the leaves slowly shed from the tree and fall to the ground.   My mother loves to visit shenandoah national park to see the leaves before they shed.  As the leaves shed they change into a beuatiful hume of colors and the mountains resemble a work of art.  Well it won't be long after the leaves shed here in virginia when the cold snap hits and the only adventures available for the commoner will be the snow.  In the meantime festivities of halloween is right around the corner.  Already virginians are heading to the pumpkin patches to get their projects for jackolanterns and decorative purposes for halloween night.  Some communites here in Virginia have competitions with prizes for the best decorations.  


The Outlook

 The Outlook

Well another day is passed looking out from my perspective as a disabled home maker I think about what I received in the mail today.   Back in early spring I was hospitalized for a medical condition known as a myoclonus.  I was in pretty bad shape and didnt really think that much about what the hospital bill would be.  Well after my insurance signed off the bill was $28000.  The hospital wrote off all but $2000 of it but expects me to conjure that up.  I was fully eligible for financial assistance at the time of the bill however I just received it at my new address and the financial assistance will not cover that far back retroactively.  It makes me think about all the Americans with covid bills piling up and the collections that will be filed against all these people.  I guess what seems near to me after just recovering from Bankruptcy several years ago that the Bankruptcy courts across America are going to be backed up for years.

Today in History (Just thought I'd make a quick mention)

The big debate.

So all over the news today the politics is focused on whether or not they will default on the american debt or to continue funding the government.  This will be the first time in the History of the United States that the country will have defaulted on the debt.  Consequences would be catastrophic impacting the SSA and the World Stock Market not to include the millions of American Federal Employees.  From what I can tell the fiscal year marks the end of the current budget and apparently there have been discussions of some sort of patch to keep it funding.  From what they have been saying by the end of October we could very well see the lawmakers default on our national debt.  I have worked for 17 years to have the title of a new car owner due to my disability and I currently own my first new car its a 2016 Kia and if I went through all of this just to lose it I will be greatly upset.  On a brighter note I talked to a marketing company about the relaunch of and he said truly I would have encouraged the name but hey what can I say after my short lived career in the US Army I'm a little patriotic.  Enjoy until next time!

Welcome To ImperfectNation.Com

Hello,  my name is Robert and I am the owner of this forum.  You can reach me anytime and for whatever reason using the contact form in the left sidebar.  We welcome new opportunites for networking and collaborating with other projects, and look forward to working with you soon.  Please be sure to use this site with respect and tact so that it will be here for future generations.  

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