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Today in History (Just thought I'd make a quick mention)

The big debate.

So all over the news today the politics is focused on whether or not they will default on the american debt or to continue funding the government.  This will be the first time in the History of the United States that the country will have defaulted on the debt.  Consequences would be catastrophic impacting the SSA and the World Stock Market not to include the millions of American Federal Employees.  From what I can tell the fiscal year marks the end of the current budget and apparently there have been discussions of some sort of patch to keep it funding.  From what they have been saying by the end of October we could very well see the lawmakers default on our national debt.  I have worked for 17 years to have the title of a new car owner due to my disability and I currently own my first new car its a 2016 Kia and if I went through all of this just to lose it I will be greatly upset.  On a brighter note I talked to a marketing company about the relaunch of and he said truly I would have encouraged the name but hey what can I say after my short lived career in the US Army I'm a little patriotic.  Enjoy until next time!

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