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So It Is October Already

October In Virginia

So another year of Fall in Virginia.  Already the leaves are chnging at a rapid pace and the weather is starting to get cold.  The actual cause of the leaves changing is the cooling of the sap.  As the water or sap as we know it starts to slow down traveling from the roots because of the cold ground beneath.  The trees go into a resting period having gained all the nutrients needed during the continuous flow of warm weather.  Without the return of sap to the branches the leaves slowly shed from the tree and fall to the ground.   My mother loves to visit shenandoah national park to see the leaves before they shed.  As the leaves shed they change into a beuatiful hume of colors and the mountains resemble a work of art.  Well it won't be long after the leaves shed here in virginia when the cold snap hits and the only adventures available for the commoner will be the snow.  In the meantime festivities of halloween is right around the corner.  Already virginians are heading to the pumpkin patches to get their projects for jackolanterns and decorative purposes for halloween night.  Some communites here in Virginia have competitions with prizes for the best decorations.  


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