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The Family Ice Tea Recipe

 Southern Sweet Ice Tea (Virginia Secret Recipe)

Well everyone I guess being southern raised I am kinda picky about my sweet ice tea.  I generally drink a gallon a day so I am kinda a savant when it comes to my sweet tea.  Well here is the recipe I use.  First you need a 12 cup coffee pot and 3 ice trays. This is as simple as it gets without spoiling the flavor of the tea.  You need to purchase Lipton Gallon Size Ice Tea Bags from your local walmart or major grocery store in your surroundings.  They make a variety that is southern style and it is presweetened.   While you are there get a plastic and mesh screen filter for your coffee pot.  They sell these at most major grocery stores right next to the tissue coffee filters.  Well this is pretty easy from here and can be repeated an unlimited amount of times.  Simply place the plastic filter in the 12 cup coffee pot.  Fill the reservoir with water and drop the 1 gallon tea bag into the filter.  Turn the pot on and wait for it to brew.  While you are waiting take your 1 gallon pitcher and place the 3 trays worth of ice into the pitcher.  This is about a 1/3 of the pitcher. Then when the tea has brewed, pour it over the ice..  Stir while filling the pitcher to the top.  Voila your Ice Cold Sweet Tea is born.
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